Legal notice

Legal notice

Digitick legal information:

This website is owned by the company, DIGITICK, Ltd. with capital of 290,482.40 euros
listed on the Trade and companies register in PARIS under number 453 942 948
 SIRET business registration number: 453 942 948 00085
VAT number: FR72453942948

The company’s headquarters is located at 54, rue Etienne Marcel, 75002 Paris
Administrative Department Tel: 04 91 05 15 57
Email: info [at symbol]

 Publications Director: Quentin Schaepelynck

Technical supplier (host):

2 rue Kellermann – 59100 Roubaix – France

Grow your online sales

Accueil CRM 2_smal

Our graphic designers and project managers will create an online ticketing site (DigiOnline) that is tailored to your company’s visual identity and branding, and adapted to your specific needs:
– Web ticketing of your simple and packaged products
– Setting up of events for open tickets or date- and time-specific tickets (performances)
– Development of online sales module on mobile phones and Facebook
– Online store option
– Simple, intuitive and user-friendly purchase process
– Creation of electronic ticket templates (print-at-home tickets, mobile tickets)
– Configuration of access control: zoning, scans, access control agents
– Search method by event/artist
– « I’m going » social sharing buttons
– Custom header

SaaS multi-tenant architecture

Digitick offers its clients an application in ‘‘SaaS’’ mode (for Software as a Service): our Digitick Systems software package is sold as an application that is accessed remotely like a service, via the internet and the web, as opposed to a product which the client installs internally on their servers.
The SaaS multi-tenantarchitecture makes it possible to operate a single software version of the Digitick platform that is shared by all its clients and is based on a single software source code.

Complete reporting access

The web interface of the back-office allows accounting (cash books) and attendance data to be extracted in pre-formatted report format.  The data is incorporated in real time and may be easily saved or exported to Excel.
A dedicated reporting menu allows personalised turnover and attendance reports to be extracted according to numerous criteria and filters.

An innovative, upgradeable tool


A few examples of the functionalities that could help grow your ticket sales:
Boost your sales
Easily manage: priority season tickets, private sales, flash sales, promotional codes, launch of one-off sales on social networks

Enhance your online sales
– Cross-Selling: Sale of tickets plus a drink from the refreshment stall or merchandise
– Up-Selling: Suggest more expensive products or upgrades (new profit centres), depending on the current shopping basket
– Creation of print-at-home tickets with specific advertising: VIP print-at-home ticket, general public print-at-home ticket, etc.
– Web banners: sell and administer advertising spaces on your online ticketing pages
VIP ticketing
Offer your partners the opportunity to manage the production and delivery of their tickets and car park access themselves


Accreditation tools
Manage and create customised accreditations featuring bar codes
Third party POS
Increase the number of points of sale: partners, organisations, etc.


Online sales

Image1 features a catalogue of more than 20,000 events organised by year (shows, sporting and cultural events). This platform enables customers to purchase, securely pay for and then receive their tickets by email, post or on their mobile phone.
Management of secure payments: secure online sales using the PayBox system. The Digitick sales website bears the FIA Net seal (premium site).

Web network:

– More than 1,500,000 unique visitors/month
– A unique multi-cultural offering with access to a range of local events (regions)
– Telesales call centre: information and bookings from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
– The number 1 local ticket sales network with over 3,500 points of sale throughout France
– Product range available on all mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android)
– Partner websites: NRJ ticketing, ChérieFM ticketing, Universal Off ticket, SFR LivePass ticketing, etc.

Advantages for organisers

Bourse aux billets OPERA


– Ensure the success of ticket sales launches well in advance (increased cash flow)
– Retain customers who are no longer able to use their tickets by helping them to resell them
– Generate additional revenue: extra commission on tickets already sold
– Channel the resale of second-hand tickets (on average, 4 to 6% of tickets for an event are not used and could therefore be resold)
– Effectively fight the black market by promoting a regulated second-hand offering
– Control access to venues and the risks to your image by significantly reducing the number of tickets resold by unauthorised agents

Ticket agents network


The industry’s largest ticket distribution network with over 3,500 local points of sale: newsagents, Chapitre bookshops, OCD record stores, etc.
All methods of payment are accepted. Tickets feature a fully secure barcode displaying the buyer’s name. This barcode will be scanned directly upon entry to the event venue.

Advantages for your customers




For resellers:
– Be able to resell their tickets in the event of unforeseen circumstances (health, family, work)
– Delegate the job of finding buyers to a specialist platform
– Be able to rely on a trusted third party who guarantees transactions and payments
For buyers:
– Find reasonably priced tickets for events that are sold-out in traditional ticketing networks or with the organiser
– Buy tickets in a secure environment, in contrast to unauthorised reselling
– Be able to rely on a trusted third party who guarantees transactions and payments

Multi-platform applications


Our mobile applications can be used on different platforms depending on your needs:
• iPhone, iPad (iOS)
• Android-powered smartphones and tablets
• Blackberry smartphones
We are working towards making it possible to distribute our products via Stores (particularly the App Store).

Digitick lève 8 millions d’euros

logo-usnL’Usine Nouvelle – Publié le 4 septembre 2007

« Créée en juin 2004, Digitick opère dans le domaine de la billetterie électronique sur le web et sur téléphone mobile, principalement pour les événements culturels et sportifs. La start-up vient de boucler son deuxième tour de table avec Partech International, CM-CIC Capital Privé et CIC Finance & High Co Venture, qui ont investit 8 millions d’euros (…) »

Contact Presse :


Emilie Delozanne – 01 44 70 12 35 //
Aurélie Faure – 01 44 70 12 32 //

Digitick complète son offre de billetterie

logotribuneLa Tribune – Publié le 14 octobre 2009

« Un nouvel acteur spécifique du marché de la billetterie (concerts, spectacles, musées, expos, matchs, etc.) vient de naître avec le rapprochement de Digitick, le leader français du e-ticket, et de ZePass, le spécialiste de la revente légale de billets entre internautes. Le premier est monté cet été dans le capital du second à un niveau non dévoilé (…) »

Contact Presse :


Emilie Delozanne – 01 44 70 12 35 //
Aurélie Faure – 01 44 70 12 32 //

Les Marseillais de Digitick, rois de la billetterie électronique

logoProvenceLA PROVENCE – Publié le 6 janvier 2010

« Troisième étage du silo transformé en bureaux à La Joliette, vue imprenable sur le port et les ferries pour la Corse. Ce qui frappe d’emblée : leur jeunesse. Vingt-cinq ans d’âge moyen. Ils sont une trentaine à Marseille, installés derrière des écrans. (…) »

Contact Presse :


Emilie Delozanne – 01 44 70 12 35 //
Aurélie Faure – 01 44 70 12 32 //

Satori Billetterie rejoint le groupe Digitick

communique-presseMarseille, le 1er mars 2010

« Le groupe Digitick, leader en France de l’e-ticket, annonce l’acquisition de 100% de la société Satori Billetterie. L’alliance du savoir-faire des deux spécialistes de la billetterie va permettre au nouveau groupe ainsi constitué de conquérir de nouveaux marchés, en France et en Europe, en unissant ressources et technologies. (…) »

Contact Presse :


Emilie Delozanne – 01 44 70 12 35 //
Aurélie Faure – 01 44 70 12 32 //

Vivendi rachète Digitick

logotribuneLa Tribune – Publié le 11 mars 2011

« Fin 2010, Vivendi a racheté pour 29 millions d’euros 65 % de Digitick, spécialiste de la vente de billets sur Internet. Cela s’ajoute aux 27 % déjà détenus par SFR Développement (le fonds d’amorçage de l’opérateur mobile) et valorise la start-up à 45 millions (…) »

Contact Presse :


Emilie Delozanne – 01 44 70 12 35 //
Aurélie Faure – 01 44 70 12 32 //

Les recettes de sept sites de e-commerce super rentables

palmares-l-expressL’Express – Publié le 13 septembre 2011

« Troisième acteur de la billetterie en France, après la Fnac et Ticketnet (racheté par le groupe américain Live Nation en novembre 2010), Digitick attaque le marché des réservations à belles dents. « Nous nous sommes lancés sur ce marché dès 2007 au moment où la dématérialisation des billets a été légalisée par le Code général des impôts », raconte le cofondateur de Digitick, Emmanuel Guyot (…) »

Contact Presse :


Emilie Delozanne – 01 44 70 12 35 //
Aurélie Faure – 01 44 70 12 32 //

Un logiciel adapté aux théâtres et salles de spectacle

3emeacte_logo_2Logiciel de billetterie et de gestion des publics pour le spectacle vivant :
3ème Acte est simple en vente, rapide à programmer, complet en matière de gestion des publics, ouvert sur les canaux de vente web et distributeurs.

>> Découvrez les clients qui font confiance à Digitick 3ème Acte

Software perfectly suited to theatres and concert halls


Ticketing and public management software for live performances:
3ème Acte makes selling easy, is quick to programme, complete in terms of public management, and open to web sales channels and distributors.

Une solution adaptée aux lieux de visite

digitick_systems_mediumLogiciel de billetterie et de gestion des publics pour les musées et lieux de visite :
Digitick Systems est la première solution 100% full web de billetterie multicanal capable de gérer l’ensemble des opérations de vente, d’accueil et fidélisation des publics, de mesure et pilotage de l’activité, en temps réel.

>> Découvrez les clients qui font confiance à Digitick Systems

The perfect solution for attractions


Ticketing and public management software for museums and attractions:
Digitick Systems is the first 100% fully web-based multichannel ticketing solution capable of real-time management of all operations relating to sales, recognising customers and developing their loyalty, as well as measuring and managing the flow of traffic in real time.