Ticketing equipment

A large choice of equipment that is compatible with our ticketing solutions

We offer an extensive catalogue of industry-specific peripherals that are compatible with our different solutions: ticket printers, automatic ticket purchasing and collection machines, tactile sales terminals, plastic card printers, display screens, automatic barriers, turnstiles, wifi PDAs, etc. This equipment can be purchased or hired.


Ticket sale machines

DABDigitick possesses extensive experience in the supply and integration of self-service ticket machines. We can set-up machines suitable for indoor or outdoor ticket sales that can take credit card as well as cash payments. These machines can be used to purchase or collect tickets.

Access control

matériels_smallOur solution includes a software component devoted to managing access control and in/out flow count.
We can implement the following access control equipment:
– Turnstiles, barriers
– Wifi PDAs
– Totems
– Infrared counting sensors

Ticket printers

boca_smallWe offer the BOCA range of thermal printers and in particular the BOCA DT 275 Lemur model. This equipment is resilient and compact (perfect for both the ticket office and off-site sales). The BOCA Lemur model can include logos stored on a FLASH memory. Equipped with a guillotine, it prints tickets quickly, even during busy periods. This printer has an automatic paper feed. Its one-year guarantee can be extended to five years.

IT equipment

guichettpv_smallWe can provide you with the IT equipment you require:
– acquisition of sales terminals for a new venue
– update of your IT equipment
– hire of equipment for a festival, temporary exhibition, etc.
All of the equipment we offer has undergone a technical test to ensure that it is compatible with our ticketing solutions.